ambiguity in the guidelines

seth vidal skvidal at
Thu Jul 6 06:37:31 UTC 2006

On Wed, 2006-07-05 at 23:28 -0700, Christopher Stone wrote:
> I see this more as:
> If you had 2 fields:
> General subject line
> Change description
> Would I divide "General subject line" into multiple fields even though
> there was no technical necissity to do so at the moment, but would
> provide for cleaner code to allow for features to possibly be more
> easily added in the future?
> hmm tough one, as I really like clean code, but I think I would leave
> it as is for now since splitting the General subject line field using
> a perl expression seems feasible and easy to do should the need arise
> in the future.

Do you seriously think relying on regexes for parsing out data is safe
and reliable for human-inputted strings w/o confirmation?


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