Packaging guidelines: IPv6

Arjan van de Ven arjan at
Thu Jul 6 13:24:58 UTC 2006

On Thu, 2006-07-06 at 09:18 -0400, Steve Grubb wrote:
> On Thursday 06 July 2006 09:06, David Woodhouse wrote:
> > Actually, the requirement for _all_ Core packages to support IPv6 isn't
> > my idea -- it's coming from elsewhere. IPv6 is an increasingly common
> > requirement these days -- and when I say 'requirement', I mean that a
> > product can't be considered for use unless it fully supports IPv6.
> Just to back David up on this, I'd like to point people to a recent slashdot 
> article (there's other articles, too. But people here should be familiar with 
> slashdot):
> Just in case you don't want to read it, it says the US govt will adopt IPv6 in 
> 2008. IPv6 readiness should be viewed as a preliminary step to make sure we 
> aren't disqualified when this goes into effect.

that's a good thing for RHEL... that doesn't mean it's relevant for
Fedora Extras.....

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