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Update of libvisual

Hey fellow maintainers,

I need version 0.4.0 of libvisual for the new version of Amarok. Repoquery 
tells me that libvisual-plugins and gstreamer08-plugins depend on the 
current version 0.2.0 in Extras.

I've tried to rebuild your packages with the new version. Libvisual-plugins 
obviously needs to be updated to 0.4.0 too, but it is pretty 
straightforward (both patches are included upstream now).

Unfortunately gstreamer08-plugins requires libvisual 0.2.0.

So I have two options :
 - if Brian considers the visual plugins are not very important in 
gstreamer08-plugins (which is already a compatibility package), we could 
update libvisual to 0.4.0, rebuild gstreamer08-plugins and  and drop 
support of libvisual in it.
 - else I could create a compat-libvisual02 package, but I'd like to avoid 
that if possible.

What do you think ?

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