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Re: bugzilla issue: my bulk-change powers foiled! [was Re: A Heads-Up: moving all FC3 bugs to "needinfo"]

Any change is always better using the UI for couple reasons. One, it
does proper email notification if the change is important to others, and
two it updates all of the different activity tables so that proper
history is maintained. It is possible to do some changes from a script
or direct db access but then you have to remember to update all of the
other places that need it as well and not just the values in the main
bugs table. I have thought about adding a checkbox to the multiple bug
edit form that will essentially disable email notifications for those
who just want to make a simple change but generate unnecessary spam. But
that functionality is not there yet.


Matthew Miller wrote:
> On Mon, Jul 10, 2006 at 03:19:48PM -0400, David Lawrence wrote:
>> I think I may have this fixed now. Can you try to reproduce the problem?
> Works now -- thanks.
> Before I go and do the big bulk change, lemme ask you this: is it
> problematic at all from a technical point of view for me to make a change to
> ~1100 bugs through the web interface? Or would it be better done with some
> behind-the-scenes magic? Or smaller batches?

David Lawrence, RHCE  dkl redhat com
Red Hat, Inc.    Web: www.redhat.com
1801 Varsity Drive Raleigh, NC 27606

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