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Re: Drunk on power: FC1 and before.... [was: A Heads-Up: moving all FC3 bugs to "needinfo"]

On Tuesday 11 July 2006 13:18, Matthew Miller wrote:
> *Then*, there's the question of _before_ that. There's 1051 bugs in open
> states attached to the "Red Hat Linux" and "Red Hat Linux Beta" products.
> Obviously a lot of that isn't going to be helpful or interesting after all
> these years -- and RHL9 is finally going out of Legacy support too.
> However, it's possible that there's some overlooked
> important/useful/still-relevant reports that would still apply to Fedora or
> Does it seem worth it to stir this up?

My feeling is that once Legacy stops support for RHL (seems we decided later 
this year) that all the bugs could be closed WONTFIX.  If it doesn't come 
from a paying RH customer through RHEL support, it most likely won't get 
looked at for a RHEL update, and Fedora has moved so far beyond that it 
doesn't really matter.

Jesse Keating
Release Engineer: Fedora

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