Core Packages in Violation of the Fedora Naming Guidelines

Nicolas Mailhot nicolas.mailhot at
Wed Jul 12 16:17:04 UTC 2006

Le Mer 12 juillet 2006 17:28, Matthew Miller a écrit :

> For a (theoretical) example, say I decide that the libGL/libGLU dependency
> isn't such a big deal, and so decide to merge the wxGTK-gl subpackage back
> into the main wxGTK package for FC6 and on. However, I don't want to force
> this onto the existing FC5 package, since I don't want to make surprising
> changes for people on running systems. To me, it makes sense at this point
> to fork the spec file and tag the older releases with their proper name.

Remember tagging is an hint, nothing more, you can rename rpms to whatever
you want, so relying on the dist to have packages installed on the "right"
version is dangerous.

The only safe thing are R + BR in a context where people don't do
full-distro regular updates for badnwidth reasons or others.

Dist is a wonderful thing, but do not try to replace the dep resolver with
fuzzy dist matching. (it does not work terribly for that other os)

Nicolas Mailhot

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