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Re: Core Packages in Violation of the Fedora Naming Guidelines

Hi Nicolas,

As you know handling this number of Java packages is an incredible amount of work. The first attempt at maintaining the Fedora packages separately resulted in them lagging behind, interoperability problems (Fedora does not have all Java packages, they are in excess of 500 now) and on bug fixes not being propagated upstream, so updates caused regressions and so one. The typical maladies of a fork.

So, someone from GNU Java land created a script that add AOT bits to the original JPackage spec files, so they can build with GCJ on Fedora. JPackage has agreed to add these bits to their own spec files, so they will be virtually the same.

Now, not only the JPackage community, BEA, Sun, Suse, Mandriva and RHEL can work on the upstream packages and benefit from the fixes, but also Fedora folks can make the fixes usptream. This not only benefits the Linux community at large but also relieves the immense burden to maintain a forked set of packages.

Best regards,

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