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Re: Core Packages in Violation of the Fedora Naming Guidelines

Hi Fernando,

I see you are true to the original aim of minimising JPP/FC differences
so work can be shared and everyone does not have to reinvent the wheel.

As you wrote, this paves the way to mass import of packages in Fedora.
Since I don't think the PTB will let you do the import in Core, that
means Extras mostly and a big round of review (which will probably
benefit JPackage as much as Fedora). Have you though about how you were
going to organise this? IMHO you'll want to push the fixes Fedora
reviewers suggest upstream as fast as possible, and playing the
middleman between JPP and FE is going to be inefficient and exhausting.
Some sort of Java Fedora SIG or another semi-permanent liaison group
will be needed, possibly with special rules so review can directly
happen at the JPP level.


Nicolas Mailhot

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