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Re: Core Packages in Violation of the Fedora Naming Guidelines


Nicolas Mailhot wrote:

So you have a foo-2.3-1jpp -> foo-2.3-something -> foo-2.3-2jpp -> foo-2.3-somethingelse
pattern. Needless to say Fedora has no control over the release tags jpp

How about this convention for Fedora:

Release: %{jpackage_release_number}.%{fedora_release_number}

This example becomes:

foo-2.3-1jpp -> foo-2.3-1.1 -> foo-2.3-2jpp -> foo-2.3-2.1

with further Fedora updates being:

foo-2.3-2.1 -> foo-2.3-2.2 -> foo-2.3-2.3

The release string convention for JPackage packages in Fedora would resemble the convention for pre-release packages. The release field would no longer contain underscores or non-numeric characters, but it would still be easy for users and developers to see which JPackage release a given Fedora package was derived from. Because the update path is preserved, this change could be introduced gradually, package by package.


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