Broken upgrade paths

Tom Lane tgl at
Thu Jul 20 04:51:59 UTC 2006

Jesse Keating <jkeating at> writes:
>  pkg                  FC5                       devel

>  elinks               elinks-0.11.0-2.3         elinks-0.11.1-4.1
>  gawk                 gawk-3.1.5-6.3            gawk-3.1.5-11
>  gnome-applet-vm      gnome-applet-vm-0.0.7-2   gnome-applet-vm-0.1.0-0.rc1
>  lockdev              lockdev-1.0.1-9.2.1       lockdev-1.0.1-10
>  lslk                 lslk-1.29-16.2.1          lslk-1.29-17
>  lsof                 lsof-4.77-1               lsof-4.78-1
>  procinfo             procinfo-18-18.2.2        procinfo-18-19
>  procps               procps-3.2.6-3.5          procps-3.2.7-3
>  psmisc               psmisc-22.2-1.1           psmisc-22.2-5
>  readahead            readahead-1.2-2           readahead-1.3-1
>  rsh                  rsh-0.17-34.1             rsh-0.17-35
>  sudo                 sudo-1.6.8p12-4.1         sudo-1.6.8p12-7
>  util-linux           util-linux-2.13-0.20.4    util-linux-2.13-0.33
>  vlock                vlock-1.3-22.2.1          vlock-1.3-23
>  words                words-3.0-8.1             words-3.0-9
>  am-utils             am-utils-6.1.3-1.2.1      am-utils-6.1.5-3

I must need to go back to RPM school, because AFAICS the devel version
should be considered newer in every one of those cases.  What's the
problem exactly?

			regards, tom lane

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