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Re: Development/Libraries/Java Group?

Hi Jason,

Java s not a language. I wish sometimes the language part of it had been called J# or something like that.

Java is an architecture that includes distributed components and several things like that. More to the level of CORBA and, excuse me for the word, .NET.

So, it is not a language like Perl or Python but a complete subsystem.


Jason L Tibbitts III wrote:
"AG" == Anthony Green <green redhat com> writes:

AG> Is it really ok to use Development/Libraries/Java?

We (ultimately the packaging committee and then the various other
committees but currently everyone) need to figure out what to do here.
There are many more groups used by Core than have been permitted in
Extras; I personally think the Extras list is way too small but I'm
not sure if Java should get its own package group.  Would we have
separate groups for the other languages?  (There are several hundred
Perl modules in Extras alone.)

 - J<

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