[Bug 195645] Review Request: rasqal - RDF query library

Ralf Corsepius rc040203 at freenet.de
Mon Jun 19 04:10:43 UTC 2006

On Sun, 2006-06-18 at 16:22 -0400, bugzilla at redhat.com wrote:
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> Summary: Review Request: rasqal - RDF query library
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> ------- Additional Comments From thomas at apestaart.org  2006-06-18 16:14 EST -------
> It's not that I do not want to use %makeinstall - it's that the packaging
> guidelines that mention you shouldn't use it do not say *anything* useful about
> it, why it's bad, and they're not even correct.   If I need to make this change,
> I need to know because I have a bunch of other packages using %makeinstall.
> Let's take those rules step by step:
>       %makeinstall overrides a set of environment variables during "make
> install". I.e. it performs make prefix="..." includedir="..." ...
> This is wrong - it overrides make variables, not environment variables.
Unless make isn't broken and unless the makefiles aren't playing dirty
games with make flags the effect is the same.

> In addition, this is all the rule says - it does not say that it is wrong or why
> it is wrong.  So it's a) factually wrong and b) irrelevant.
>       It is error prone, and can have unexpected effects when run against less
> than perfect Makefiles.
> How is it error prone ?

- More sources of errors: A dozen vars vs. one single var.

- %makeinstall causes the makefiles to see a different set of variables
between "make install" and other (previous/subsequent) invocations of

>  How does make DESTDIR=... not fail when run against a
> less than perfect Makefile - for example, one that doesn't even *have* DESTDIR ?
>       It can trigger unnecessary rebuilds when executing "make install"
> Don't know about this one, it may be true or may not be true, but in all the
> packages I've built I've never known this to be a problem that actually bothered me.
It's the second point above.

%makeinstall causes the makefiles to see different variables during
"make install", than those which had been used in %configure or during
"make all".

This triggers broken rebuilds, if a makefile contains dependencies on
the make variables being changed during %makeinstall.

A similar problem occurs with makefile which edit/generate files during 
"make install" ("install-hooks"), e.g. to propagate final installation
dirs to scripts/config-files.

>       If a package contains libtool archives, it can cause broken *.la files to
> be installed.
> I haven't seen broken .la files,
This issue for example affects(~ed?) GCC.


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