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Mike A. Harris mharris at
Fri Jun 23 07:07:05 UTC 2006

Matthew Miller wrote:
> On Tue, Jun 13, 2006 at 08:32:13AM +0200, Jindrich Novy wrote:
>> Mostly duplicates functionality we have in mc already. The only
>> advantage it has is that it's able to edit/view raw devices and contains
>> helpers to edit sectors, etc. The new upstream version also uses color
>> highlighting of the numbers based on their value (they call it "fruit
>> salad" view mode), which is also missing in mc so far.
> Also, mc sucks. :)

When I see a better file manager that is at least as stable
and functional - at a bare minimum, and doesn't crash every
time you move the mouse cursor too fast or sneeze, I might
try it.

Until then I'll continue to use mc.  I certainly would prefer
it to stay in Fedora Core rather than Extras both for personal
reasons as well as knowing others will feel the same.  When you
log into a remote machine and want to perform file management
activities, and the host of other features that mc has, you do
not necessarily have the bandwidth available to run a GUI
filemanager, and there's no guarantee that X libraries are
even installed on a remote box, let alone nautilus or something.

Please keep mc in Core for sysadmins and developer types.

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