The Fedora Core Pruning project, Re: some minor Core pruning

Bill Nottingham notting at
Wed Jun 28 23:14:16 UTC 2006

David Eisenstein (deisenst at said: 
> Further -- I see much glibness about saying, "Throw this over to extras.
> Throw that over to extras.  Extras can take care of it."  I understand
> there appears to be some community-wide consensus that it is a "Good
> Thing"®™ to reduce the size of Fedora Core.  (I am afraid I don't know
> Mr. Extras - can he handle all these new packages?)

Look over the list of packages provided. It's all packages with no
dependencies, either runtime or buildtime. Most of said packages are
libraries. I see no motiviation for Core to provide libraries that
aren't actually *used*; there is really no way that that benefits


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