The Fedora Core Pruning project, Re: some minor Core pruning

Bill Nottingham notting at
Thu Jun 29 00:00:09 UTC 2006

David Eisenstein (deisenst at said: 
> I apologize, Bill, and to all of you, for my rather harsh words.  The
> glibness is mine, not yours.  Sorry.
> Dumb question:  Where exactly do I find the list of packages provided?

I assume you were talking about the list of proposed packaged for pruning
that was in the original mail of this thread. If not, my apologies.

> One thing that does concern me some is:  What of people who, say, have been
> using Fedora Core since the olden days, and who have custom or proprietary
> applications on their computers that may require some of these older
> deprecated libraries that upgrading to a newer Core will no longer provide?

The old version sticks around on upgrade...

> The plan then is to let Fedora Extras contributors take over these library
> packages to continue maintaining them for new Core releases, right?  If no
> one steps forward then to maintain these packages, do they then become
> orphaned/unmaintained or even unavailable?

I would suspect so, much like any other Fedora Extras package that is
given up by the maintainer.


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