qt4: make FHS-friendly (bug #196901)

Rex Dieter rdieter at math.unl.edu
Thu Jun 29 20:51:45 UTC 2006


I'm planning on moving bits out of the traditional %_libdir/qt4.  For 
packagers, the biggest difference(s) will be:
libdir: %_libdir/qt4/%_lib/* -> %_libdir/*
headerdir: %_libdir/qt4/include/* -> %_includedir/*

as well as:
datadir: %_libdir/qt4 -> %_datadir/qt4
docdir: %_docdir/qt4-doc-%version -> %_docdir/qt4
translationdir: %_libdir/qt4/translations -> %_datadir/qt4/translations

These changes will affect mostly qt4 addon packages(e.g. qt4-qsa), and 
should have zero impact on end users.

I'll push devel branch build tomorrow (Fri) am, and wait ~1 week (~Thu, 
Jun 06) (without any show-stopping bugs appearing) before pushing 
FC-4/FC-5 updates.

-- Rex

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