Base X11 libraries cleanup

Ralf Ertzinger fedora at
Fri Jun 30 08:31:28 UTC 2006


On Fri, 30 Jun 2006 10:00:15 +0200, Ralf Ertzinger wrote:

> However, using --as-needed did not hurt there, either, so using
> it is fine with me.

OK, I found it, and it did hurt, after all.

a) download
b) untar
c) install bmp-devel and flac-devel
d) do a ./configure; make
e) look at the ldd output of (huge)
f) do a "make distclean"
g) change "$(CC) $(LDFLAGS)" into "$(CC) -Wl,--as-needed $(LDFLAGS)"
   in (line 25)
h) repeat step d)
i) look at the ldd output again (very small and lots of unresolved

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