Fw: fedora legacy broken upgrade paths (was: Broken upgrade paths inFC+FE 2006-06-28)

Christopher Aillon caillon at redhat.com
Fri Jun 30 16:10:03 UTC 2006

David Eisenstein wrote:
> Hi Chris,
> Thought you might wish to be aware of the following for current Fedora Core releases... it looks like we in Legacy botched up the upgrade path for the current Mozilla product, Mozilla-1.7.13-xxxx.
> Might we be able to figure out a way to overcome this?  Also-- as we in Legacy work on other formerly-core packages, do you, Chris, or you, Josh, or any of you on this mailing list have any suggestions on what we need to do to coordinate our package naming so we don't botch up any future upgrade paths?
I suggest pulling the current package so that nobody else gets it and 
replacing it with a package that will not cause these ill effects.  
Reducing the effect should be a first step.  We'll have to deal with it 
somehow, anyway, but I think the current plan of having SeaMonkey 
obsolete the mozilla package will work, once that gets done.

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