Attention, Extras packagers! [on Upgrades + Obsoletes]

Roozbeh Pournader roozbeh at
Tue May 9 13:39:25 UTC 2006

روز سه‌شنبه، 2006-05-09 ساعت 11:42 +0200، Michael Schwendt نوشت:
> 1) Your package "foo" depends on a specific version of "bar", and you use
> a "Requires: bar = 2.0-1" tag for this. First of all, the reason for this
> strict dependency must be documented in the spec file. Secondly, the
> maintainer of "bar" must be informed about this package relationship, so
> any version upgrades of bar are coordinated properly with the packager of
> "foo".

Does this include Core dependencies? And can we expect the Core
maintainers to inform the Extras maintainers about this?

This doesn't concern my packages of course, except the impossible case
of python-abi getting upgraded, but it perhaps concerns other Extras


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