Fedora Core package cleanup project

Michael J Knox michael at knox.net.nz
Sun May 14 02:40:29 UTC 2006

Quick question..

Is it OK to do this with FC5 as the build host? I mirror locally FC5 + 
updates and would save me a ton of bandwidth (which still costs heaps in 



Will Woods wrote:
> I'm announcing the start of a new QA project, and I'm asking for your
> help. 
> In the past, Core packages have not been held to the same standards as
> Extras. We want to fix this! We're starting by cleaning up the spec
> files so that Core packages can all be built using Mock. (If you aren't
> familiar with Mock, it's a cool RPM build tool that we use to build
> Fedora Extras.)
> This is where you come in: We need people to attempt Mock builds of
> Fedora Core packages, and file bugs when they find packages that don't
> build. 
> Doing so will earn you the thanks and respect of your peers, but as an
> added incentive we're going to give away free stuff (!) to people who
> help out.
> Filing a bug on a broken package will earn you one Karma Point. If you
> include a patch that makes that package build successfully, you'll get
> five Karma Points. These will be redeemable for cool stuff from the Red
> Hat Cool Stuff Store (at an exchange rate to be determined once we
> figure out how much stuff we're actually allowed to give away :)
> For more info, check out:
> http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/QA/FixBuildRequires
> Ok? OK! Let's get testin'!
> -w
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