Pre-orphaning annoucement for glabels and istanbul, looking for a new maintainer for both

Jeff Spaleta jspaleta at
Mon May 22 13:51:28 UTC 2006

Good Morning,

Anyone interested in taking over maintainership of glabels and
istanbul? In just under a month I will be moving to Alaska and I will
be without residential broadband for the foreseeable future. Whats
worse is the new place of employment which does have band is currently
an all windows shop (something I'll fix in a finite amount of time),
making a tad more difficult to sneak in a few minutes of fedora
related moonlighting, until I'm there long to resuscitate some
decommissioned desktops into Linux machines.  So both of these
packages will be effectively orphaned unless someone else becomes the
primary maintainer.

glabels in fedora extras is currently tracking the stable glabels
branch, and its pretty straight forward. Just get on the low traffic
upstream glabels mailinglist and watch for any "stable" release
announcements or upstream bugs.

Istanbul will require more work at some point. Fedora's Istanbul is
still using gstreamer08, and the version of Instanbul in cvs is ported
to gstreamer-0.10. BUT the X display grabbing gstreamer module that
cvs Istanbul relies on isn't in gstreamer-bad, which fedora isn't
going to ship.  Moving fedora-extras-development to the gst 0.10 based
Istanbul, will have to wait for the module to move over to
gstreamer-good and for that new release of gstreamer-good to be
dropped into Core. You'll have to watch the gstreamer plugins release
announcements and watch the changes in istanbul cvs to see when the
pieces fall into place.  This burned me leading up to fc5, I didn't
realize that the required gst plugin was placed in the gstreamer-bad
pile.  There is also the chance to build the current gst08 based
istanbul for FC4. Last time I checked the needed FC4 gsteamer-plugins
package was in FC4 updates-testing. IF that has moved over to
updates-released istanbul can be built for FE4.   Istanbul is a very
thin layer of python gui over gstreamer's inherent pipelining
functionality. The real magic (or lack there of) is at the gstreamer
plugin level.

Any takers?

-jef"I hope its not cold in Alaska"spaleta

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