Fedora Core package cleanup project

Mike A. Harris mharris at mharris.ca
Tue May 23 15:30:09 UTC 2006

Michael J. Knox wrote:
> Going over Matt Domsch's build logs and noticed that most (if not all) 
> the xorg-x11-drv-* packages have failed to build
> Can they be lumped into one bug report or is the preference for 1 report 
> 1 package?

Thankfully, they've ended up in one bug per package.  That makes it
easy to close each one individually as each driver package gets

I had hoped to get this all done by today, but didn't realize the
volume of bugs that would be coming into bugzilla.  I was hit with
about 120 bugs in the last few days.

I believe I will be able to allocate some time to resolving the
buildrequires problems in the various X packages in rawhide this
week, and hopefully also the multilib/manpage problems.

I'd like to thank everyone who has worked on finding and reporting
these issues!

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