Remaining FE6 cleanups

Hans de Goede j.w.r.degoede at
Sun Oct 1 18:41:18 UTC 2006

Ville Skyttä wrote:
> The remaining FE6 package repository cleanups are planned for Wednesday
> 4th Oct evening (UTC +3):
> - Removal of orphaned packages in the repository, if any.
> - Removal of packages with broken dependencies.
> Sometime at end of this week, hopefully before CVS is branched for FC-6,
> the CVS devel branch of orphaned packages will be cleaned up and marked
> with dead.package.
> There's a bunch of newly orphaned packages as of today which haven't
> been removed from the repository nor are in Extras/OrphanedPackages page
> in Wiki yet.  Given that this happened so close to when things were
> supposed to be ready for FC6 and that their removal would break quite a
> few packages, some alternatives to just removing them are being
> discussed - more info about that later.  But these packages are looking
> for a new maintainer anyway (effectively since two weeks ago):
> aspell-mi
> buildbot
> deskbar-applet
> doctorj
> duplicity
> fltk
> freeglut
> fyre
> gdk-pixbuf
> gnofract4d
> gnome-password-generator
> gnome-themes-extras
> gurlchecker
> leafpad
> libedit
> lostirc
> lua
> pam_mount
> pam_mysql
> pam_script
> perl-Chart
> perl-Net-SCP
> perl-Net-SSH
> perl-String-ShellQuote
> perl-XML-XQL
> prozilla
> putty
> python-cvstoys
> screem

I would like to volunteer myself hereby as maintainer for freeglut and
lua as those are both used by quite a few games and I think one or more
of my 70 + packages depend on them.

So I'll wait till tomorrow morning (gmt + 1) for any other interested
parties to come forward and if no one has yelled hard by then I'll
modify owners.list to take ownership.

I see they were alreayd rebuild by Michael before he orphaned them, and
neither of them has nay open bugs, so it looks like modifying
owners.list is all thats needed, or am I missing something?



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