Agressive FUD by Fedora contributor

Christopher Stone chris.stone at
Mon Oct 16 05:00:06 UTC 2006

On 10/15/06, Rex Dieter <rdieter at> wrote:
> Christopher Stone wrote:
> > But to make a long story short,
> > disabling ATrpms and using yum instead of apt-get solved their
> > problem.  So I don't see how you can call this "FUD" when I *still*
> > have to deal with problems stemming from the ATrpms repo.
> IMO, If you have issues, take it up with Axel and/or an ATrpms mailing
> list, but such commentary has no place in any *fedora* bugzilla (nor on
> this mailing list).  And please try to remember, we're trying to bring
> people together here, not divide them.

Excuse me? But what is the point?  ATrpms has been overriding FC/FE
packages since the beginning of time and I'm sure it has been brought
up many many times before.  What good is it going to do if I bring it
up once again?

As you can clearly see from this thread Axel is completely ignoring
the fact this his packages break Fedora user's systems and is trying
to concentrate on my commentary which is in no way unacceptable for
bugzilla or this mailing list like you claim.

The simple fact of the matter is that ATrpms breaks your system and
Axel refuses to acknowledge the fact, and he also seems to not want to
make any effort to fix the problem(s) as far as I can tell from what's
been said so far in this thread.

I'm sorry if this makes you upset, but it happens to be the truth.

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