List of unowned directories

Jason L Tibbitts III tibbs at
Mon Oct 16 22:34:36 UTC 2006

>>>>> "GM" == Gérard Milmeister <gemi at> writes:

GM> I started to file bugzilla entries for unowned directories based
GM> on my local install. I then wrote a small program that lists all
GM> unowned directories from the FC-5 repositories "core" and
GM> "extras":

Last week I had posted here about having done basically the same
thing.  The big problem that I see is that you're working from FC5,
while my stuff works from repodata and thus can handle rawhide without
actually having it installed.

Some of the problems have already been fixed.  /dev, for instance, is
properly owned in FC6.

I've placed the unowned dir portion of my report generated from
recently-mirrored repodata at
Warning: it's 1.5MB.

 - J<

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