Apology to Axel and Lists

Christopher Stone chris.stone at gmail.com
Thu Oct 19 06:22:55 UTC 2006

I would like to apologize to Axel and the mailing lists for some of
the things I have written in the past few days which has lead to quite
an extensive flame war over an issue we are all passionate about --
Fedora.  When building bridges it is good to look for commonality
between adversaries and Axel and I have one thing in common which is
that we both want the best experience possible for Fedora users.
Accomplishing this goal through flame wars is *not* the way to go, and
I apologize to the mailing list and Axel for feeding the flame.  From
this point on I promise to try my best to be as tactful as possible in
this and all future discussions on the list.  I am confident that
going from here forward we can all work together to make Fedora the
best distribution on the planet, and I hope Axel feels the same way.
Hopefully we can work together to work out our problems and come to an
agreeable solution for everyone.  I look forward to working with Axel
and the rest of the community with technical discussions to make the
highest quality packages and repositories to ultimately give the best
possible experience for Fedora users.

Christopher Stone
aka XulChris

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