FCXStatus wiki pages

Michael Schwendt bugs.michael at gmx.net
Thu Oct 26 21:38:23 UTC 2006

> /Extras/FC3Status, /Extras/FC4Status, ... /Extras/FC6Status

What had started as a Wiki page for requesting builds of packages for
FC-3, when Seth Vidal was our human build-system, has served a different
purpose for a long time.

We've extended the original page with a pointer on how to use the
automatic build-system, we've used the pages for tracking some things
around Fedora Extras (like packages dropped from Core), we've created a
new page for every version of FC, and we've used the pages as a way for
package maintainers to submit special requests to RPM package repository

Now it's time to stop this.

Too many [confusing] pages.
Too many places where to track some things. At the same time:
Too many places where some things are not tracked properly.
Too many things we don't really want to track, do we? ;)

We've practised and evaluated this long enough now.

The single place where to submit _special_ requests to the repository
admins is this:



If we could use OTRS instead, somebody in charge of that system please get
back to me.


It should be the rare exception that you want something to be removed from
the repository or that you want huge data packages duplicated to multiple

What about obsolete sub-packages in the repository?

As an addition to the previous process, the new RepoPrune code in
production also gets rid of obsolete sub-packages in FE Development
automatically (!) when your next update is published. We keep only a
single release per package. For the stable branches of Fedora Extras, we
keep at most two releases per package. It is recommended that you request
removal of obsolete sub-packages, especially if they are broken.

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