[Bug 178162] Review Request: libgeotiff

Hans de Goede j.w.r.degoede at hhs.nl
Tue Oct 31 16:35:58 UTC 2006

Adam Jackson wrote:
> Right now we have a very strong criteria for freedom.  Weakening that
> criteria it's a very slippery slope.  Why is non-commercial okay?  Why
> not add non-modifiable?  Why not add djb code?  _That_ is why people are
> objecting so loudly.

I don't want to weaken those criteria I fully support them I even
applauded the openmotif kicking and spend a considerable amount of
testing and fixing build problems against lesstif.

All I'm arguing for is an additional repo for goverment / educational /
home users for which the non commercial use clause has 0 effect, thus
for this large group of users the software is as free as DFSG free
software (unless they want to sell it).

There is a demand for such a repo and there are multiple FE contributers
who would like to see such a repo, so why not. What harm can it do?



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