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Enrico Scholz enrico.scholz at
Tue Oct 31 16:49:38 UTC 2006

pertusus at (Patrice Dumas) writes:

> Ok, so what can be done to ameliorate the situation? Direct upstream
> to change dap-config have a switch for static linking, and another for
> dynamic linking?
> What is the proper fix (if there is one)?

Quick workaround might be the using of '-Wl,--as-needed'. With libtool
this might become tricky because this tool reorders linker options. With
libraries, I have good experiences with

| sed -i -e 's! -shared ! -Wl,--as-needed\0!g' libtool

*after* %configure. Dunno, whether this works for applications too.

En ...die, libtool, die... rico
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