Packages with "fc6" name in Fedora 7

Rahul Sundaram sundaram at
Sun Apr 8 12:31:07 UTC 2007


The current thinking seems to be to just ignore them* but this is 
guaranteed to result in a lot of confusion. When end users do a 
distribution upgrade via yum or Anaconda, some of the packages might not 
have been updated to the Fedora 7 version due to incorrect packaging or 
other issues while the rest are packages which are deliberated not 
rebuild to avoid churn. Debugging a end user system with such a mix of 
packages is very painful.

I would suggest that we consider rebuilding just to avoid the confusion. 
I consider that a good enough "technical reason". The advantage of less 
churn in packages is lost quickly since packages receive updates fairly 
quickly in general.



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