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F8 packagers note: new find-debuginfo.sh script

Coming soon to a dist-f8 near you will be an rpm-build package that
includes a revamped find-debuginfo.sh script.  This will be a new
rpm-build >  You can find an unofficial build with the new
script right now in http://koji.fedoraproject.org/scratch/roland/task_94236/

Most maintainers should not need to worry about the new script.
It should silently do the right thing without any attention from you.
If you see any new problems, please harrass me immediately.
For any packages doing special non-default debuginfo packaging,
please talk to me directly.  I've taken care of kernel and glibc,
which are the only special cases I know of.

The only problem I know to expect is improperly built DSOs, where broken
package makefiles run ld -shared directly instead of via gcc.  I just
posted about the details of this:
If this hits you, it was already a bug in your package, and now the tools
are telling you about it early.

If you see any messages like:
	*** ERROR: No build ID note found in ...
then look into how the named binaries are linked.  If it's not a simple
case of changing ld -shared to $(CC) -shared, you can always contact me
for help figuring it out.  

If anything else about the find-debuginfo.sh part of your build.log, or the
-debuginfo rpm that results, looks suspect to you, don't hesitate to
contact me.  The intended changes are the build-id magic, smart handling of
hard links and symlinks, and generating all the correct %dir lines.


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