John Pye john at
Thu Aug 9 12:15:04 UTC 2007

Hi all

I wonder if there's been any effort to set up a similar package browser
to that offered by Debian and Ubuntu. It's really invaluable to be able
to easily see what depends on what, what *suggests* what, what bugs are
associated with each package, and what versions are provided for
different releases.

I know that there is a 'repobrowser' installed (somewhere) on the Fedora
servers, but I would like to point out that it's rather hard to find
(doesn't click through from anywhere that I've noticed, and doesn't come
on a google search)

Can I suggest that a repository browser be made that has a bit more page
layout (branding etc) and a bit more cross-linking with other Fedora
services, and that it be made prominent on the Fedora homepage and/or
developers' wiki? Is this something that has been suggested before?

A good package browser is a good thing when users are trying to find
software that performs a particular task, and are a good thing when
developers are trying to tracking down packages and versions etc, for
distros/releases, especially if they're not being run locally.


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