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Re: License review for new itext version

Rahul Sundaram wrote:
Jochen Schmitt wrote:

in the past we have removed itext and pdftk which depends on itext from
the Fedora distribution due
license issue.

In the new iText package itext-2.0.4 I have found a text file about the
licensing situation of the
source file coming from Sun Corporation Inc.

I have uploaded this file for review on


I want to know, it this ok for Fedora. But I assume, that the last term
about usage this
file for nuclear weapons may be a blocker.

This looks like the revised BSD license with a use restriction that makes it non-free.

Its not a use restriction, it reads:
"You acknowledge that Software is not designed,licensed or intended for use in
the design, construction, operation or maintenance of any nuclear facility."

Oh darn it is a use restriction, notice the not licensed, I thought it was just a warning (which it would be if you remove the work licensed from the sentence).

So again ask Sun for a waiver, in this case just removing the work "licensed" from this sentence will do.



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