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Re: License review for new itext version

On Sun, 2007-08-12 at 23:01 +0200, Jochen Schmitt wrote:
> Hello,
> in the past we have removed itext and pdftk which depends on itext from
> the Fedora distribution due
> license issue.
> In the new iText package itext-2.0.4 I have found a text file about the
> licensing situation of the
> source file coming from Sun Corporation Inc.
> I have uploaded this file for review on
> http://www.herr-schmitt.de/pub/itext/sun.txt
> I want to know, it this ok for Fedora. But I assume, that the last term
> about usage this
> file for nuclear weapons may be a blocker.

The primary license doesn't meet the criteria for Fedora acceptance.
It has a use-case restriction that's painfully vague: "Licensee does not
utilize the software in a manner which is disparaging to Sun
Microsystems." I'd bet 10 bucks the FSF thinks that makes it non-free.
If you disagree and want me to process that through the FSF in a formal
review, I will (otherwise, I won't waste their time).

The secondary license also has a use-case restriction: 
"You acknowledge that Software is not designed,licensed or intended for use in
the design, construction, operation or maintenance of any nuclear

As Hans pointed out, the word "licensed" is the problem here.
Acknowledging that the software isn't designed or intended for any
particular use case is fine, but when you say that the "software is not
licensed for use...", then you're making a use case restriction.

Sorry Jochen, this is still no-go.


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