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Popt package split planning

Thought I'd post this to -maintainers for potential discussion first before going to -devel-announce...

As you might know, popt is one of the long-time offenders in that the main package provides both runtime and development libraries + includes.
That's about to change now.

This involves quite a few changes:

1) Currently popt package is built from within rpm package, which is just nuts because popt has it's own versioning and bundling within rpm causes nasty complications because of that. Popt will be split off into a separate package, review request is at

2) As rpm depends on it, popt has been always installed everywhere and because it has included the development environment too, few packages explicitly buildrequire it.

3) A *lot* of packages actually on popt. See attached requires-popt.txt file,
generated with
'repoquery --repoid=development --whatrequires --alldeps popt --queryformat "%{sourcerpm}"|sort -u'
Quite a few of these will probably be covered by popt-devel in lower level libraries (some gnome-devel package requiring popt-devel or such) but not all.

To ease transition, starting from the next rawhide push, the popt package that's still built from rpm.spec adds
Provides: popt-devel = %{version}-%{release}
so you can start adding the buildrequires for the packages needing it already. Once the new popt package is reviewed and published to repositories, rpm will be changed to build against that and drop the internal popt entirely.

popt-1.12 (the new package in review) is supposed to be ABI and API compatible to the current one ( but a rebuild of depending packages against the new version might not be a bad idea anyway...

Did I miss anything / other comments?

	- Panu -

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