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Re: system-config-lvm

Jesse Keating wrote:
On Sat, 04 Aug 2007 05:54:49 -0400
Steve Dickson <SteveD redhat com> wrote:


I notice with f7 that system-config-lvm is no longer installed
by default and if I remember correctly there was not even an
option to choose it...

Just curious as to what happen and why? I personally find it
to be a excellent tool, especially when configuring
xen/kvm guests...

It just didn't find it's way to the manifest.

Either system-config-lvm should be added to the manifest, or made a
default in one of the groups we already include, that is if we (Fedora)
deem system-config-lvm to be necessary on the media we spin.
How one make this happen... And who make those decisions?

Not having away to configure my LVM was a bit of a pain when I went
to f7... I would think if the installer configures LVM partitions
that a way to configure them would be needed... by default...


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