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Re: The open() system call in f8 really broken...

Colin Walters wrote:

    exportfs does not write setuid files, but it can cause a lost
    of thousand of dollars when a entire development department
    is idle because they can't log in because we decided to change
    the meaning of open()... it just does not make sense to me...

Except that this error would have been caught way before it got to any kind of production environment because there's a test suite for it...right?
You know what they say about assumptions... ;-)

Plus can one realistically test every single open in every single
application that runs in  production? There is no question in my
mind that glibc calling abort will end bring down a very critical
application which in turn will bring down an entire production
environment... Its only a matter of time... imho...

I bet the Open Solaris people are loving we are doing this... :-\


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