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Re: The open() system call in f8 really broken...

Steve Dickson schrieb:
> Colin Walters wrote:
>>     exportfs does not write setuid files, but it can cause a lost
>>     of thousand of dollars when a entire development department
>>     is idle because they can't log in because we decided to change
>>     the meaning of open()... it just does not make sense to me...
>> Except that this error would have been caught way before it got to any
>> kind of production environment because there's a test suite for
>> it...right?
> You know what they say about assumptions... ;-)
> Plus can one realistically test every single open in every single
> application that runs in  production? There is no question in my
> mind that glibc calling abort will end bring down a very critical
> application which in turn will bring down an entire production
> environment... Its only a matter of time... imho...

Bugs in the apps will be found, by abort() sooner than by warning out...
And I don't expect any critical production system to go down over
night.... There where other problems (I can remeber filesystem
corruptions in older release) that where far more worse!

> <sarcasm>
> I bet the Open Solaris people are loving we are doing this... :-\
> </sarcasm>

Open Solaris my a........ :-P


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