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Re: The open() system call in f8 really broken...

On Thu, Aug 16, 2007 at 05:08:15PM +0200, Oliver Falk wrote:

 > If you compile the whole Fedora tree, how many warnings will you see?
So I grepped across a make prep'd tree of devel (all 63 gig of it).
Here's the fallout..

openmpi/openmpi-1.2.3/orte/runtime/orte_abort.c         fd = open(abort_file, O_CREAT);
jython/jython-svn-Release_2_2beta1/CPythonLib/test/test_unicode_file.py:f = os.open(TESTFN_ENCODED, os.O_CREAT)
perl/perl-5.8.8/t/op/taint.t:   eval { sysopen(my $cr, $evil, &O_CREAT) };
proftpd/proftpd-1.3.0a/contrib/mod_rewrite.c:    if ((fifo_lockfd = open(fifo_lockname, O_CREAT)) < 0)
pwlib/pwlib-1.10.7/configure:sem_t *s = sem_open("test", O_CREAT)
pwlib/pwlib-1.10.7/configure.ac:                 [sem_t *s = sem_open("test", O_CREAT)],
python/Python-2.5.1/Lib/test/test_unicode_file.py:        f = os.open(filename, os.O_CREAT)
python-docs/Python-2.5.1/Lib/test/test_unicode_file.py:        f = os.open(filename, os.O_CREAT)
xca/xca-0.6.3/_tmp_root/usr/lib/python2.5/test/test_unicode_file.py:        f = os.open(filename, os.O_CREAT)

Not too bad considering.



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