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Re: GPL and LGPL not acceptable for Fedora!

Harald Hoyer wrote:
> Harald Hoyer schrieb:
>> Colin Walters schrieb:
>>> However, I was fairly sure there had to already be something open
>>> source out there to use as a start.  My initial googling wasn't too
>>> successful (a lot of things called licenses), but then I had the
>>> bright idea to add "Debian" to my search.  Turns out there's a
>>> license analyzing script in 
>> ...
>> s.th. like the attached perl script might be a start..
>> is there a public fedora cvs where I can check that in, so that it can
>> be extended?
>> btw, I'm not perl guru, don't expect nice code..
> ok, with the attached perl script, I quickly spotted for my packages:

This is _most_ useful, especially for a package like bsd-games with 421
source files to examine[1].

Many thanks for posting this.

[1]Found Licenses: BSD (no advertise clause), BSD (with advertise
clause, not GPL conform)

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