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Re: Jpackage: follow or lead?

On Mon, 20 Aug 2007 22:20:31 -0600
"Jerry James" <loganjerry gmail com> wrote:

> I'd like to get findbugs into Fedora.  Findbugs can optionally use ASM
> instead of BCEL.  I would like to get ASM into Fedora first, then, so
> we don't have any pesky options that don't work.  Jpackage.org has an
> ASM package already; two of them in fact.  The package named "asm"
> contains version 1.5.3, and the package named "asm2" contains version
> 2.1.  However, the current ASM release is version 3.0 (as of November
> 2006).  Should I follow jpackage.org and go with an "asm2" package
> until they release a version 3, or should I cut to the chase and
> create a version 3 package for Fedora?  In the latter case, I presume
> it should be named "asm3" and have a version number containing "jpp";
> is there any reason to do otherwise?  Thanks,

asm2 is already in Fedora.  It's just never been built.  It's owner is
Permaine Cheung (pcheung).


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