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Re: Lots of pkgdb mail on commits list

On Tue, 2007-08-21 at 09:39 -0700, Toshio Kuratomi wrote:
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> Ville Skyttä wrote:
> > Hello,
> > 
> > Operations on the pkgdb appear to result in lots and lots of mail on the 
> > commits list, one high level operation such as orphaning a package appears to 
> > often spew around ten mails.
> >
> If you're getting ten messages then there's something wrong.  Orphaning
> packages is currently generating one notification per branch[1]_....
May-be, I am wrong, but as it seems to seems me, in cases somebody
orphans a package entirely, up to 8 mails (one per branch) are being
send to commits   In cases of perl-packages add up to 8 further mails.

At least I have been swamped in such mails throughout today (some
referring to Fedora 1-5) and meanwhile have set up a filter to dump all
pkgdb mails.

> ...but I definitely agree that there is too much mail being sent even if
> it's only half that amount.
> The question is what to do about it?
Not sending them to commits@ at all. 

Commits@ become what it once originally was: A list to take CVS commits
on rpms only.


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