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Re: This list isn't working out. Or, why do we have fedora-devel and fedora-maintainers

Roland Wolters wrote:
> Well, I would totally agree with that - however, once or twice in
> the past I actually had questions regarding the maintaining of
> packages. And -devel is *no* option for me, I just don't have time
> to deal with that.
> So what should people like me (maintaining just a few packages) do?

You could subscribe to fedora-devel-announce and fedora-devel-list.
Set your fedora-devel subscription to nomail so that you can still
post there (I'm assuming posting it restricted to subscribers, but if
I wasn't so lazy I'd verify that).  That way you can still ask the
occasional question that you might have and then just check the
archives for replies (and/or ask to be CC:d).

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