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Re: 64-bit login available?

On Wed, 22 Aug 2007 09:46:40 -0600
loganjerry gmail com ("Jerry James") wrote:

> Due to a recent job change, I have lost access to some x86_64 Fedora
> machines.  Now I just have my old personal computer, which is a 32-bit
> Pentium 4 machine.  Once upon a time, I built up a small collection of
> RPMs, some of which I intended to migrate to Fedora [1].  Some had to
> be patched to build or operate correctly on 64-bit systems.  I would
> still like to submit some of those packages, but I can no longer check
> the correctness of my 64-bit patches.  Can anyone offer me a login on
> a 64-bit machine that I can use for that purpose, at least until I
> feel rich enough to upgrade my personal machine?  I pledge to use such
> a login only for the purpose of developing 64-bit-related patches for
> Fedora-bound packages; patching unrelated to 64-bitness will be done
> on my own machine.  I'm willing to sign something to that effect.  I
> can also lend a hand with Fedora-related tasks in exchange.

Sure, I can provide you access to a x86_64 rawhide test box... 

Will send details in private email. 

> [1] http://jjames.fedorapeople.org/
> Thanks,


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