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Bugzilla Server Outage Announcement

S E R V E R  O U T A G E  A N N O U N C E M E N T

Scheduled Date: 8/24/2007 Scheduled Time: 19:00 EDT (-0400) Estimated Time Required: 8-10 Hours Performed By: Red Hat Engineering Operations

People/Groups Impacted: Bugzilla/Hardware Catalog Users

Site/Services Affected: Bugzilla.redhat.com, Hardware.redhat.com

Impact: Bugzilla/Hardware db and web will be completely unavailable until
migration is complete.

Description: We will be doing the final migration to a new external co-located
Bugzilla environment.

- Now using native MySQL replication. Master w/ Slave hot
- Now utilizing two fail over web servers
- Login names lowercased: no longer permit mixed case. All duplicates have been removed. - Cookies: authentication has been modified since it is no
  possible to authenticate based on ip address.
  Everyone will need to re-login.


Please email us at bugzilla-owner redhat com if you have any concerns.

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