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Re: Orphaning or even removing xmms-skins

Ville Skyttä wrote :

> On Thursday 23 August 2007, Matthias Saou wrote:
> > When trying to update the License field of the package, I realized that
> > most (if not all) of the skins contained in the package :
> > 1) Are *VERY* old
> > 2) Do not contain any license information
> [...]
> > My current thought, since the content is probably acceptable for Fedora
> > (but in need of clarification) would be to retire the package, have it
> > removed before Fedora 8, but leave it as-is for Fedora 7 and earlier,
> > as it's not as if it contained any files clearly identified as having
> > an incompatible license.
> >
> > Please yell if that doesn't seem like the right thing to do. Otherwise
> > I'll be doing that in a few days.
> No objections.  In fact, the exact same thing applies to the gkrellm-themes 
> package, and I plan to invoke the same process for it.

I don't use the xmms-skins anymore, but I definitely still use gkrellm,
and always cycle through all the themes when I change desktop
background, so I'd really like to see them stay.

I'll try to have a look at gkrellm-themes and see if at least a few can
be kept, then add some more from there little by little once licenses
get added or clarified.


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