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Re: Ownership of packages (PyRTF, PyX and rman)

On Thursday 23 August 2007 17:35:47 Toshio Kuratomi wrote:
> A cvsadmin can orphan those packages and you can pick them up or they
> can reassign them to you directly.


> What parts of the AWOL process have been completed already?

  I would guess all of them. :-)
  This happened more than one year ago. At the time I have added myself to cc 
and started maintaining the packages.

  Michael A. Peters (mpeters) maintained several packages

  Searching back to the mailing list here are the important points:

- After the general mass rebuild for FC6 there were packages not rebuilt (in 
the lot there were Michael's packages):

- I proposed to (co-)maintain some:

> Do you need immediate access to some of the 
> packages (because of closed commit acls or etc?)

  I have acl access to all of them. Since the original maintainer is absent I 
would like to take that role since that is what I have been doing for one 
year. :-) Until sometime ago that was not a problem, but now with pkgdb 
working this matters.

> -Toshio

José Abílio

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