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POPT got splitted out of RPM, please adjust your BuildRequires

Hello everbody,

popt, the C library for parsing command line parameters, is one of the few
packages which was in the past included into rpm, but it is its own package
and so it got split out now.

Every package depending on popt has to buildrequire "popt-devel" in order
to get build sucessfully. Unfortunately nobody of the package maintainers
used the chance to add this requirement in the days after Panu Matilainen's
initial announcement regarding this split-out.

If you want to see, whether your package is affected, just check whether it
currently depends on popt. If so, you've to add "BuildRequires: popt-devel"
to your spec file. A more or less complete list of packages was created by
Panu Matilainen and sent to fedora-maintainers mailing list some time ago.


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