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Re: Orphaning ipvsadm

Jesse Keating wrote :

> This landed on me when the merge happened.  The Red Hat owner does not
> wish to maintain it in Fedora as it may soon be removed from RHEL.  I
> have no use for it, and it looks like the last upstream release was in
> 2005 ( http://www.linuxvirtualserver.org/software/ipvs.html ).
> If nobody claims it by the Feature Freeze (Tuesday) I'm going to
> dead.package it.
> It seems that ldirectord from the heartbeat package requires it, so
> perhaps Kevin you'd like to pick up ipvsadm?

I use LVS a lot. So I also use ipvsadm a lot. Is there another tool
which I'm not aware of that obsoleted it or something? If not, I
definitely don't want to see it go, and volunteer to take care of it!


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