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Orphaned Package Page (was Re: gnomebaker ownership)

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Michael Schwendt wrote:
> Go ahead with killing the Wiki list of orphans. The pkgdb should
> take over.

I've started the rewrite of this page:

Some things to do:

 * Solicit feedback on the new strategy for unorphaning:
In the past we had time frames for unorphaning packages.  Packages that
were orphaned less than a week ago needed to be given time between the
announcement and taking of ownership.  Packages orphaned for longer than
three months needed to be re-reviewed.  ATM, this is hard to do with the
  - We need to add log events for when a package was orphaned befor eit
was imported into the packagedb.
  - We need to extract the Orphaned events from the log when we generate
the list of orphaned/retired packages.
  - We need to display the date of the orphaning only on the orphaned
pkgs page.

Instead of doing this, I'd like to have a different policy.  If the
last update of the spec file (extractable via cvs log -r HEAD *.spec) is
older than X months (for now, the page says 3), the package needs to be
re-reviewed.  Does this sound reasonable?

 * Mark the retired packages (from
 as retired in the packagedb instead of orphaned.  Then delete this page.

 * Sync entries from the orphan package list to the packagedb.  When in
doubt, send email to the package maintainer to make sure the package
should be orphaned.  After this is done, delete this list from the wiki.

 * Perhaps, formalize the procedure for Potentially unmaintained
packages: Set yourself to be a comaintainer.  Then orphan the package.

- -Toshio
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